What we love most about the people who learn with us is their passion, enthusiasm and desire – not only for making amazing natural skincare products, but for learning and growth, too.

The first thing that brings students to our school is a desire to make their own natural skincare products. Because this is their goal, our students are passionate about learning across a broad spectrum of knowledge.

From ingredients to equipment to good manufacturing practice – from cosmetic regulations to formulating for different skin types and learning practical ‘how to’s – our students are eager to get to the heart of making fantastic natural skincare products.

The good news is that our students quickly realise that learning never ends – and this realisation is an absolute eye-opener! Once you realise that learning is a lifelong process, you will find yourself going down a fantastical rabbit hole of discovery.

We have students with a whole range of aspirations and dreams, but one thing is true of them all – their desire to learn never ends.

The Hobbyist

Some students want to develop their hobby and passion for natural & organic skincare. They want to be able to make fabulous products for themselves and their family, and maybe their friends, too!

The hobbyist is driven by their love of making products. They enjoy the creativity of the process – the fun and enjoyment of it all, and they’re excited to see fantastic end results.

Following the classic trial and error approach and flipping from multiple sources with varying degrees of accuracy is no longer good enough. These students have had enough of being confused by conflicting information and struggling to achieve the results that they seek.

When they come to us, these students tell us that they’re looking for answers; they are looking for confidence and an understanding of the “how” behind making high quality handmade products. DIY done professionally, if you like!

We asked our students to share with us what motivated them to complete the Certificate in Making Natural Skincare Products. This is what our student Rose had to share:

‘I’m spending a lot of money buying skincare products that mostly do not work. The course has made me capable of making my own skincare products that I know are healthy and work on my skin, and best of all, much cheaper than all of what I used to buy. And friends always compliment me on how nice and clear and glowing my skin looks.’

The Professional

For others, it’s about becoming more professional in their approach. Their passion is natural & organic skincare, but it has now become a more serious hobby – maybe even a business idea.

These students are making some great products. They know how to follow a recipe and they’re confident in spotting the difference between a good recipe and a bad one. They’ve discovered some really great ingredients and, from time to time, when they try to create a product from scratch, it works! But not always…

These students know that the next step in their journey is to learn how to formulate.

Formulating is the art, science and practice of being able to create a beauty product from scratch, without following recipes, and whilst ensuring that industry standard safe practice and guidelines are followed.

Formulating cosmetics is not about throwing ingredients into the mixer and coming out with something safe, stable, effective, unique and brilliant by chance…

There’s a method behind the madness.

The “madness” is not following a tried and tested, structured and proven approach for creating products from scratch. And we see this in the variable results that this approach yields.

The method, on the other hand, gives the formulator the tools, techniques and processes to not only create a product that is safe and stable, but also unique. The method works, and you’ll see this in your consistent results.

For the students learning to formulate, they’re making a conscious effort to upskill. These students have found a shortcut to success – and although shortcuts aren’t always advisable, enrolling in a natural skincare course is so much more than just a time saver. By enrolling, you choose to invest in your skill and dedicate time to your passion.

And all of this with the support of your peers and tutors, and the chance to learn from industry professionals.

There are online courses and a global community to lean upon to get the reliable (and correct!) answers to your questions – to seek troubleshooting advice, and, most importantly of all, to receive correct instruction. Most of these students are not scientists or qualified professionals, but they come with a passion for natural & organic skincare and a desire to make their own products. And that’s all they need!

Poonam, a student at the School of Natural Skincare, shares her experience with of studying with us:

“Learning in-depth about essential oils, various raw materials, substitutions, and how to make my own formulation. I absolutely loved the videos and the modules. They are amazingly simple and effective. I also loved the manner in which the modules are spread out, and the basic yet so important safety tips!”

What Drives Our Students to Create Their Own Natural Skincare Products? Studying

The Beauty Business Entrepreneur

Many students who come to us have already established a business. They’re making products, but they know these products could be even better. 

With students who fit into this category, the passion for natural & organic cosmetics shines brightly still; in fact in most cases, it burns brighter than ever! They have gone deep into the discovery of all things natural, organic and wonderful,  and have experimented with all manner of luxurious ingredients whilst scouring the planet for inspiration, information, and ideas.

There have been plenty of errors and frustrations along the way, but the vision of a world where truly natural & organic products (that actually feed, nurture, and nourish the skin) is something to which they are truly committed.

These students are motivated to fine-tune their skills, to ensure that the methods they’re following are correct, and to discover an even broader range of ingredients. They want to delve into some of the more high performance active botanicals, and to understand the science behind skincare formulation. They know they need to formalize their knowledge and skill and to make sure they’re doing things right. 

At this stage, students are not only learning to formulate to a professional standard, but to focus on the customer. They learn about the therapeutic properties that can help alleviate certain skin concerns and assist in the process of regenerating, reviving, and nourishing the skin.

These formulating techniques enable students to ensure that their products reflect their values, conform to the vision and ethos of the brand, and are created to solve specific skin types and concerns.

Students find themselves honing the ability to formulate a broader range, creating more complex products, and developing a more focused, elaborate idea for their brand in the process. 

Following the structured formulating techniques and product development process taught on our Diploma courses (Skincare, Haircare and Surfactants) and our Advanced courses (Advanced High-Performance Serum Formulation) has enabled many students to design and launch winning brands and sell award-winning products.

Rachel Carpenter, graduate of the School of Natural Skincare, and founder of the Good Flower Farm speaks on the challenges of learning to perfect natural skincare products:

“This doesn’t mean that formulating has to be difficult or hard to learn; on the contrary, it is simply about having proper guidance, which will make your journey exceedingly smoother than completely going it alone. I really do recommend taking a course from a reputable source in the natural skincare realm.”

What Do Our Students All Have in Common?

One thing that is true for everyone here at the School of Natural Skincare is that their passion for natural & organic skincare is burning bright, and so is their desire to keep on learning! 

They’ve gone down the rabbit hole and they keep finding out how much more there is to discover. Advanced formulation technique, high-performance ingredients and new emulsifiers and preservatives are just a few examples of the knowledge they begin to discover. As well as cosmetic regulations, labelling, pricing products, packaging, new product types, and so much more!

What is true for everyone in our student community is that they…

  • Want to do something fun, creative and meaningful with their time.
  • Want to create products that conform to their values and beliefs (products that are organic, natural, vegan, ethical, sustainable, plastic-free, package-free, fair trade etc).
  • Want to create beautiful, effective and safe natural and organic products (for themselves or to start a business).
  • Want to use high-performance botanical ingredients straight from Mother Nature.
  • Are passionate about avoiding chemicals and synthetics.
  • Want to know exactly what it is they’re putting on their skin.
  • Want to avoid using products that contain harsh, undesirable or synthetic ingredients.
  • Want to take back power and rely on their own skill set and knowledge.
  • Want to create a range of beautiful, safe and effective natural skin care products free from petrochemicals, mineral oils, silicones, synthetic fragrances, preservatives, and parabens.
  • Have a desire to understand the key properties and benefits of a wide range of raw ingredients including carrier oils, essential oils, butters, waxes and much more.
  • Know the importance of understanding the key properties and benefits of a range of essential oils, including which skin types they are good for.
  • Are looking to understand the roles of preservatives, antioxidants, emulsifiers and surfactants, and know when to use them or not.
  • Want to be able to adapt recipes to suit different skin types and preferences, or create their own from scratch to suit specific skin types of concerns.
  • Want to be confident and empowered with their new knowledge and skills!

Above all, they don’t ever want to stop learning. 

Our students have experienced how hard it is to find products that actually work. They know what it’s like to pay over the odds for those products, and to subject their skin to all manner of harsh or undesirable ingredients. And they’ve seen a better way… a way that fits with their conscience and value system a whole lot better. 

Our students are looking to do something good and meaningful for themselves, for their family – maybe for a whole group of people who’ve experienced similar issues to themselves. 

They’ve discovered natural and organic skincare and they’re ready to learn so much more.

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What Drives Our Students to Create Their Own Natural Skincare Products? Studying

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