Accreditations and Memberships

Here at the School of Natural Skincare, we are committed to providing the highest quality educational resources as demonstrated through our professional memberships and accreditations.

We are also totally passionate about using business as a force for good and expressing and supporting the values we hold dear through our work. Supporting and being supported by the natural world are central to why we do what we do and we are therefore very proud to assist organisations and charities that share our values.


Accreditations and Memberships

Our courses are accredited by the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Certification Service

The CPD Certification Service is the leading independent CPD accreditation institution operating across industry sectors. They are a globally recognized institution and accredit courses by prestigious organisations including the University of Westminster and the London School of Economics – and ours, too!

The CPD Certification Service assesses each course individually, evaluating the quality of training materials and learning activities against the highest standards. We are delighted to have passed the formal and impartial CPD accreditation process carried out by the team of experienced assessors at the CPD Certification Service.

The courses that currently carry the accreditation are the Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation, the Diploma in Natural Haircare Formulation, the Diploma in Formulating with Natural Surfactants, the Advanced Certificate in High-Performance Serum Formulation and the Certificate in Making Natural Skincare Products

We are an accredited Ethical Company

We have achieved Ethical Accreditation with the Ethical Company Organisation who set the benchmark for corporate social responsibility. The Ethical Award and Ethical Company logos are a guarantee of a company’s good ethical standards across a wide range of ethical criteria, including the environment, animal welfare and human rights.

We are featured in the Ethical Company Good Shopping Guide.

Read about How we achieved our Ethical Accreditation.

Accreditations and Memberships


Accreditations and Memberships

We won Health & Beauty Entrepreneur of the Year at the Great British Entrepreneur of the Year Awards!

In October 2019 we were awarded Health & Beauty Entrepreneur of the Year at the regional final of the Great British Entrepreneur of the Year Awards!

This was awarded to Gail and Gareth Després, founders and Directors of the School of Natural Skincare, in recognition of  being “entrepreneurs who make a real difference when it comes to bettering our health, beauty and wellbeing.”

The Health & Beauty Entrepreneur of the Year Award seeks out those not only attaining excellence in their field, but also those who put an emphasis on creating better lifestyles.

We are absolutely thrilled to receive this award!

It was a great way to kick off our 10 year birthday celebrations which commenced in January 2020 – marking 10 years since Gail and Gareth founded the School!

We won Best Online Organic Skincare Formulations School 2020!

We are absolutely thrilled to receive this award!

The merit led process to establish winners’ spanned over three months as the Lux Life research team carefully gathered and analyzed customer testimonials, product ranges, treatments and formulations to establish School of Natural Skincare as one of the very best that the $4.2 trillion Health, Beauty & Wellness industry has to offer.

Accreditations and Memberships


Our founder and director is a member of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists

Gail, the School of Natural Skincare’s founder and co-director, is an Associate Member of the prestigious Society of Cosmetic Scientists and International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists. The Society of Cosmetic Scientists promotes education, research and collaboration to advance the science of cosmetics.

Accreditations and Memberships
Accreditations and Memberships
Accreditations and Memberships

We are a member of the European Association for Distance Learning 

The EADL promotes quality and professional and ethical standards in distance learning. Membership is granted to organizations that meet the EADL Quality Standards and comply with its Code of Conduct. EADL membership is regarded as a seal of quality.

We are a Fairtrade Workplace of World Changers

We have made a commitment to buying and using fairtrade products in our workplace, and supporting the Fairtrade Foundation. By supporting Fairtrade we support the development of thriving farming and worker communities that have more control over their futures and protecting the environment in which they live and work.

Accreditations and Memberships
Accreditations and Memberships

We are a member of the Guild of Craft Soap and Toiletry Makers

The Guild has two very specific aims:

  1. To raise awareness of the legislative standards that are in place that apply to craft soap and toiletry products – specifically EU Regulation 1223/2009 (Cosmetics Regulation).
  2. To register as members of the Guild crafters who work in compliance with this legislation and who hold relevant public liability insurance.

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