Ronée McLaughlin, founder of Ronée Claire Organics, learned how to create her own range of organic products at the School of Natural Skincare. She is a firm believer in skin-friendly, natural ingredients and is on a mission to “create a line of products that people can feel good about”.

A mother’s journey to reclaim natural skincare

Ronée McLaughlin was inspired to become a natural beauty entrepreneur when her daughter became ill and she wanted to treat her to some nourishing skincare products. 


While researching body cream, she was appalled by the ingredients in many commercial products.


She didn’t like the chalky, alcohol-laced ingredients and fillers used in many products that, in her own words, “were shocking” to her. She saw the dangers of putting what many see as toxic products onto your skin that were then absorbed into your body. 


She believed that creams should be good for your skin, not potentially unhealthy and damaging.


That is when she started Ronée Claire Organics. Her priority was to create a range that was natural and enriching for the skin, but was also a delight for the senses. When using her own range of luxurious products, she says “now I genuinely enjoy my skincare routine”.

She is also safe in the knowledge that she has created carefully crafted, natural skincare products that are good for the whole family. 


What an enterprising and inspiring ‘mumtrepreneur’!


Taking the first step toward becoming an organic skincare expert  

When Ronée first had her vision for her natural skincare brand she looked for a course that she could study at her own pace, online, as she divided her time between the US and Europe.


She researched a number of courses in America and Europe, but found the School of Natural Skincare to be the best fit. 


Ronée chose to study our Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation. This meant she could study remotely, whilst also pursuing an MBA that would give her the business skills she needed for her new skincare venture.

The professors on her MBA course were enthusiastic about her new business idea and were keen to mentor her to create her own organic skincare company. But with her background in very different fields (law and education), she felt that she needed to boost her knowledge of skincare formulation in order to be taken seriously.


Our diploma was the right answer for her. 


She enjoyed the in-depth knowledge of skincare formulation she gained from the course and the framework that allowed her to adapt her studies around her life and her MBA course. The competitive price was also a draw!

Create Organic Skincare Products: Ronée’s Story Student success stories

Remote study provides greater freedom

The flexibility of remote study really suited Ronée’s needs and despite the time difference when she was in the US, she always found the response time from the School’s team very prompt.


 My administrative questions were always answered within 24 hours, whether I was in California or Paris


she comments.

She also enjoyed how the founders, Gail and Gareth Després, provided a personal touch and made her feel part of the institution, despite studying at a distance. She recommends the School of Natural Skincare courses as a really great option for those who want to study skincare from anywhere in the world.

Innovative new skills learned at the School of Natural Skincare

Ronée learned how to make the best quality skincare products whilst studying with us. A focus of hers was to eliminate the need for using water in her products, making them higher quality rather than cheap ‘watered down’ formulations. 

She had to study the science of how to blend water into skincare formulations before she could decide whether to use it, however. At first the reason she didn’t like using water was because she didn’t know how to mix oils with water and didn’t understand how to create stable products that contained water. 


With us, she learnt how to use emulsifiers so that she could successfully create her own emulsions.


It then became her decision, based on her new expertise, whether to use water or not in her formulations, because she understood the process properly. Although she still prefers not to use water in her products (except for toners), it is now a business decision and not based on fear or lack of knowledge.

Expanding her skincare range to offer specific care for tattooed skin  

Once Ronée had launched her premium skincare line, she began to think outside the box. She heard stories of people suffering a high rate of skin infection from new tattoos. 


That is when she devised a natural skincare range called Vital Organic Tattoo Care.


Although it may look like a work of art, the body reacts to a new tattoo as a wound. Ronée saw a gap in the market and formulated skincare products to organically heal tattooed skin. 


“Good tattoo care is good skincare,” says Ronée. “We believe that we have created the best product available for healthy tattoo aftercare”.

A focus on organic  

Ronee is committed to keeping her skincare products organic. All of her suppliers and the range of ingredients for the skincare ranges are certified organic. She relies on USDA organic certification and only purchases ingredients from USDA-certified suppliers. 

For those aspiring to create a natural skincare range, she says you have to push to get what you want:


Don’t be afraid to ask… it is no more difficult to find organic ingredients than to find chemically enhanced fillers.

A passion for quality ingredients

When asked what her favourite luxury ingredient for skincare is, Ronee is quick to comment on the rare and deliciously scented rose otto essential oil. She enthuses:


I love the aroma of good, high-quality rose otto oil. It is so luxuriant and expensive; we use it in our line of products. One drop costs about $1.25 USD! Luckily a few drops are all that is needed to derive the healthy benefits of undiluted rose oil.


She realised that luxury ingredients can be used sparingly when blended into skincare, allowing her to nurture her passion for top-quality ingredients and formulations without breaking the bank!

This passion for high-quality ingredients is encouraged on the School of Natural Skincare courses, allowing students to create the kind of luxurious skincare they have always aspired to use and dreamed of creating.

When studying for the Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation, students really get to know the science behind the products and the skin benefits of each ingredient too, allowing them to make informed choices.

For example, an ingredient type that forms the basis of most natural skincare products is carrier oil; also known as vegetable, plant or fixed oil. The variety and diversity from which to choose is vast and the benefits they offer are wide ranging. Read our article Choosing the Right Carrier Oils for Your Products to learn more about them!

Being inspired to build a business empire!

Learning about and developing a passion for such exquisite skincare ingredients can also inspire students to further entrepreneurship! When Ronee learned that rose otto oil came from the damask rose grown in Syria and Turkey, she realised that the agricultural hardiness of these regions had a similarity to that of central California.

This knowledge inspired her to create a wholly owned subsidiary in the US and begin a long-term project to grow damask roses and extract the organic rose oil for internal use within her skincare company. She is even creating a further branch of her business by planning to sell her own organically grown rose otto oil to other formulators!

Believe in your dream!

Ronée says that the most important part of building a skincare business is believing in yourself and your dream. She acknowledges it can be hard when well-meaning friends and family don’t understand that your vision can take time.


After two and a half years she is only now moving from the kitchen table stage of development to fulfilment using a commercial laboratory. 


She says that growing a business is a slow process and friends or family may not understand the incremental stages of building a business week-by-week and month-by-month. But it is a passion for natural skincare that will get you through the tough times. She says:


You must believe in yourself, because others may not. Keep your eyes on the prize… and good luck!


If you would like to find out more about Ronée’s brand, Ronée Claire Organics, check out her Facebook page:

If you have a burning desire to do something and a dream of how you could turn your passion into a reality, stories like Ronée’s demonstrate that it is entirely within reach. 

All you need is a passion and enthusiasm for the subject and the right professional instruction from qualified professionals…and that’s where the School of Natural Skincare comes in!

Our team of expert formulators, scientists, regulatory experts, and industry professionals have collaborated together to create an up to date curriculum across our entire portfolio of online courses and programs. There is support from student & graduate peers and course tutors in our private student support groups and the experience of studying with a multi-award winning international school that prides itself on excellence, accuracy and innovation.

Our Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation will teach you everything you need to know about formulating your own natural skincare products from scratch, either for yourself or to sell. This course contains everything you need to know, all under one virtual roof! 

Ronée realised her dream through studying with the school. We’re excited to welcome more students to our vibrant online community and to helping them to realise their own dreams and aspirations, whatever they might be.

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Create Organic Skincare Products: Ronée’s Story Student success stories

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Create Organic Skincare Products: Ronée’s Story Student success stories

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