Anti-racism at the School of Natural Skincare

We have a responsibility to prioritize anti-racism work. We have not done enough in the past. We commit to do better.

Below are the things we have identified that we can do at the School of Natural Skincare and that we will prioritize.

We are committing to:

  1. Educating ourselves about systemic racism. Holding additional racism awareness training for all employees and contractors that work for our company. 
  2. Proactively building a more diverse team. 
  3. Ensuring the skincare and haircare needs of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) are addressed in our courses. There are some gaps in our curriculum and we are taking steps to address that by bringing in experts.
  4. Having conversations with BIPOC to help us achieve the above. Take part here:
  5. Ensuring the diversity of the students we serve and the wider global population is represented in our course and marketing materials.
  6. Reviewing our marketing and course materials to ensure they are inclusive. 
  7. Using our platform to support the growth and development of BIPOC-owned beauty brands by sharing case studies and brands started by our BIPOC students. If you would like to be included, you can apply here:
  8. Updating our community guidelines to be explicitly anti-racist. Racism has never been tolerated in our student communities or company. We will continue to moderate our groups to ensure it does not take place.
  9. Listening to and learning from our BIPOC students and community.
  10. Continually exploring how to build an inclusive, diverse and anti-racist company and community where everyone feels safe and valued.

We are thankful to the people who have reached out in the past and pointed out where we have missed the mark. We know this might not be easy. Your comments and feedback are very welcome. 

This is a long-term commitment that we are making. This list is not exhaustive of all the actions we can and will take. Our education is ongoing. We will let you know when we have accomplished some of these things via our monthly round-up newsletter that we send at the end of each month.


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